Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations have the force of Egerton University statutes for efficient delivery of services and disciplinary purposes. All patrons are strongly advised to learn, know and adhere to them.
Silence shall be strictly observed in the library. Mobile phones must be switched off while in the library otherwise these are subject to confiscation on default.

Wearing of caps, overcoats/rolls, heavy jackets and similar wear is not allowed.  Bags should be left on the shelf at the entrance. The library accepts no liability for loss of personal property left at the entrance.
All readers must show on exit all items they are taking out of the library. The security staff reserves the right to inspect books and check bags leaving the library.

Marking or defacing of books and periodicals is forbidden. Razors and penknives are not allowed in the library.

Readers are advised not to return books on the shelves but leave them on the reading carrels or tables.
Materials not properly borrowed from other libraries will be confiscated and returned to their institutions of origin with particulars of the user found with them for necessary action by the offended institutions. Smoking, spitting, eating, hawking, sleeping, drinking and littering are strictly prohibited in the library. Defaulters under conduct rules will be charged a minimum fine of Kshs. 200/= in addition to suspension or termination of membership.

Library users are free to report any complaints concerning library services to the Librarian.